Friday, September 27, 2013

Being Free...

What does being free mean? Is it something you are born with? Truth is that yes, you are born free. It's only after your birth that society and everyone in our lives start to take that from you. Of course, not with out your permission. It's not their fault though, it's exactly what was done to them. How do we get back to being free?

It's not always easy, but just think of what you have learned here. Is it possible that you would be that same lovely person you are today? With the same experiences that you can now turn around and help others with. Or, would we even need to have a reason to help others overcome what we went through had there not been any reason to experience it in the first place? I feel the grand design of things is perfect and there are no mistakes in life. The fact that we have had such adversary in our lives, says there is a very important reason for this to have happened. 

With all that being said still, what is it to be truly free? Freedom itself is an expression. One that is not always to be interpreted the same. It takes a true self honest person to know what being free really is.  

<<<Free expression>>>

It's not something that can be given to you or taken with out your permission. It is something that is integrated within you and is you. It is having your options completely free of outside interference. As well as the ability to make whatever decisions in your life based on what would make you feel the most joy.

It's finding that true purpose that makes you feel what true love and joy for life really is all about!!!

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